Naughty Little Secrets

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Let’s face it, we all have them!  A secret crush, a gross habit or those cheeky pranks pulled long ago – we all have those little deeds that we tuck away.  For the last twenty odd years I have been a devoted watcher of “Bold and the Beautiful.”  Now, that may not seem like much of a secret but there is no-one outside of my immediate family who would believe it! It started innocently enough as a young Mum when a playgroup I joined would plan the activities around the early afternoon B&B screening, which centred around the outrageous competition between Brooke and Taylor for Ridge’s ever wandering love!  I was writing my thesis at the time and secretly and smugly felt above all the soapy drama.  Look how that turned out!

I often wondered myself why I persisted with this particular soapy and came to realise that it had become somewhat of a constant in the touch and go life of a military spouse.  Just a little snip in the day that was always there regardless of the state or indeed the country we were calling home.  My kids are now adults and they love teasing me about watching B&B.  Even though it is possible to download and record pretty much anything these days – I still do it old school and plonk with a cup of tea most afternoons.  I call B&B my daily brain and booty rest.  By the way, Brook and Taylor are still at it!

I have been very good at keeping the secrets of others. There have been a few, none illegal – thank goodness! Being a confidential caretaker can take its toll.  I know I lost a dear friendship in such a role.  As time passed and relationship decisions were made, I could see that my knowing what had happened would be a hurdle and sure enough as time went on the friendship distanced and eventually ended.  That secret though, I have never shared it.

As much as we all have our little secrets, we also love to divulge them especially if we can do so anonymously.  It can be a great relief to spill the goods on ourselves in a manner that can never be traced.  It’s fun and cheeky or sometimes a way to give some air to a deep ache.

What is your naughty little secret?  Is it something funny or a cheeky revenge secret? Do you honour a secret anniversary that nobody else knows about?  Have you spilled a secret that caused havoc?




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