This is a little no through street about ten minutes from the beach.  At the far end a pretty fern filled lane connects with a busier street with schools, community centre and several churches.  There are playing fields and an old cemetery.

It is usually very quiet and several residents in the no through street are well into their eighties.  The houses are modest, well kept and the neighbors know one another.

Around seven o’clock on a Sunday morning several residents were shocked to see a woman in their gardens, naked.  She was ranting and insistent upon looking for her children.  Gordon, who lives alone and has poor sight became aware of someone inside his house.  He tried to call the police but was too upset and was unable to operate his phone.  She raged around his house looking in drawers and cupboards before heading further down the street.  Nothing was taken.

At least two more houses were entered.  The woman left her own backpack in one of them before moving on to another property where she caused significant damage tearing at a screen and breaking window framing.

By the time the police arrived she was back in the street attempting to get into cars and tool boxes trying to find her children.

The woman was known to the police.  Her children are in the foster system.

The ice was in her backpack and in her veins.

close up of white syringe
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