So Here’s A Little Conversation Stopper

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This happened.  These are simply the facts.  Yesterday, the conversation between my husband and I – whilst driving from our home to the local town centre, live streamed on facebook.

The drive took around fifteen minutes.  Friday lunchtime parking was limited and as usual we were ‘tight’ on time so his majesty (family pet name) dropped me off at the offices of our accountant and linked up with me in the reception area a few minutes later.  We were completing our access authorities (ironic…I know) when he received a call from his sister to tell him – your conversation is live streaming on facebook.

We had barely a moment to process this or attempt to rectify what ever technical craziness was ensuing with his phone when Chris arrived to take us into his office.  The phone was turned off!  My mind was a little preoccupied during that financial meeting.

Have you ever conducted forensics on a conversation – even such a recent one?  I was astounded at what I could not recall.  So, I know I was already in the car and waiting (I’m painfully punctual – he’s a down to the wire kind of guy) and there was some mention of potential lateness.  I responded as I am trying to be more chill about timings these days – “I don’t give a shit about that stuff anymore” and then immediately I said, “oh I take that back. I hate that word. It sounds so rough”.  I really do never use that word but why not, out of the blue, drop an ugly little s word and do so live screening!

Ok, so moving on – we have really fabulous neighbors.  Friendly, helpful and a hoot of fun but with their own lives and interests – the perfect balance.  I was also (are you getting a feel for the one sided conversation that goes on with us a lot?) saying how lucky we were to have such nice neighbors although I did tail that with the fact that when we first moved into our house we were not so sure as none of them made too much of an effort in the early days – of course, live streamed.

Driving now and at the first round-about, his majesty was not impressed with a speeding driver and may have described him as “that lunatic with wheels up on the roundy, he was going that fast”.

I wish the rest of the trip had been insightful, witty and intelligent adult exchange but I have no clue what chitter chat ‘streamed’ next.  In the main street we were looking for numbers and a park and all was going along smoothly until I spotted car park gold – a car just leaving from exactly where we needed to be.  I direct his majesty to take it, only to discover it is a 5 minute park and now the stream of traffic is long so getting out again will be a wait.  He was cranky and would have sounded so – yup, live streaming.  To be fair, he is generally a patient soul, especially with me – our kids would tell you, “Dad never gets cranky with Mum”.  (Think he pays them).

Our conversation ended there as I was out of the car and his majesty was left to find a car spot.  I wonder if there might have been a little fruity comment on my exit – live streamed, if there was!

After our appointment when we had time to discuss what had happened with the phone and facebook we were both furious and embarrassed.  It is outrageous to us that this function on a device could be so easily and mistakenly activated.  In our case there was no damage other than a few days of feeling sheepish – bah, it will pass!

Unfortunately we still do not have clear answers.  The fb app was not open.  The phone was in my husband’s pocket.  We assume that, like a pocket dial the app was accidentally opened and the live button turned on.  Mind you, that theory does not pass the common sense test or this business would happen all the time.  Our young ones have their phones on, fb open…etc so really – we do not know how on earth this happened to us.

Certainly it is a lesson, two-fold.  Pay attention to your devices!  It is our responsibility to better understand the functions and follies of being on line, linked up and out there in the domains.  The second part – well salty words and impatient tones should forever be uninvited to come along.  Working on it.

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