New Zealand Volcano

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Yesterday in our region, on White Island off New Zealand a terrible tragedy unfolded when tourists from around the globe left their cruise ship to experience the adventure of visiting a volcanic island.  The eruption to date, has killed several people.  Some are still missing and there are those who have dreadful burn injuries.  Painfully, we know there is more awful news to come.

It aches to even begin to comprehend the pain of victims and families.  Whilst it is with deep gratitude that we think of the dedicated and hardworking rescue and medical coordinators doing all that they can, our hearts ache for them also – for this mission that they must endure.

Life is so precious.  We know that all around the globe – right now there are dreadful and often relentless tragic events occurring which kill and injure women, men and children.  It may be naive to wish it was not so, but what else could we possibly wish?

Today in Australia, we watch with awe as emergency services in New Zealand continue to respond and do what they must.  We are reminded to be thankful and to appreciate those whom we love and hold dear.  We are grateful for, and deeply hopeful of exceptional leadership, professional media, medical miracles and one day, for the families and all those impacted, the ability to cope and somehow find a way to well-being.

Remembering the tragedy on White Island, NZ – 9th December, 2019

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