Adios 2019

al prepping.jpg

Legacy – the purpose of these writings so a quiet farewell to the year after a wonderful family Christmas, beautifully and generously hosted by Alexandria and Greg. We were missing some family members but those gathered around their elegant and welcoming table were treated to a magnificent home cooked feast and were most importantly made to feel – at home.

We all sat together and although we missed Annie with her partner Jake, and Harry’s fiancé Heidi (home to the USA) and Paul and Sarah (from the Hutt family and also in the USA) and always dear Julie, Greg’s loving Mum – gone from us physically but always in the hearts of her boys – indeed all of us.

We had a wonderful day starting with an early mass and an outrageously funny and larger than life priest who could not have been taller than 5 feet (imperial measure).  He was relevant, compassionate and personified Christmas.  An airport pick up could not have been smoother – a feat for a Christmas day arrival – Harry, from Melbourne.

There are only a few photographs as the day was being lived as it should – in the real.

alex and greg xmas table

Having moved into their beautiful new home just in time for Christmas, of course there were many jobs to be completed before the day of gathering.  That is when Dad comes in handy.

dad lays your turf.jpg

He cleaned the site, groomed the soil, top dressed then laid the turf.  Tool mishap meant that Shane and Greg cut most pieces by hand with clippers intended for anything but hardy turf but the finished courtyard is stunning.  Alex and Greg have the challenging job of keeping it saturated in Australia’s devastating 2019 fire and heatwave events happening in multiple parts of most states.  We pray and hope dearly for those who have lost loved ones and for those missing.  Australians will not forget the summer and Christmas of 2019.

The ham has its own little story.  Sourced as an end of year staff gift to Sarah from her exclusive Sydney private school – it made its way to Dave in Bomaderry to arrive in Googong for Alexandria’s spectacular glazing and baking.  Finally, a Dad to slice it as Dave was already busy shelling and sorting the prawns with help from lovely Vicki.

shane the ham

Everyone pitched in – that’s the best part of family gatherings!  Beautiful Vicki and Alexandria even found a quiet few moments when all the Caughey and Hutt boys were busy with tasks!

vicki al xmas 2019

No doubt the same family banter happens globally – give the boys a little something to do and they will claim ownership of the ensuing banquet.

free food.jpg

It was a delightful family Christmas held in Greg and Alexandria’s promising new home. Dreams and plans for the year to come are alive and hopeful in this spanking gorgeous house with a striking new lawn!

Hutts 2019

Dave was relaxed and enjoying time with his boys and kindly putting up with my humor.  They are an impressive unit, the Hutt men.  When they can be together – boxing day is KFC and the cricket.  Aussie boys, all of them.

Speaking of cricket – Alex and Greg gave Harry and Shane tickets to the test in Melbourne.  It was a great chance for all of us to catch up with our ‘adopted’ Wainer family.

cricket 2019.jpg

In Australia – the Boxing Day test is another great aspect of Christmas and the summer holidays.

This year is closing. This evening we spent time at the beach for the live music and the festive atmosphere of New Year’s eve.  The first round of fire-works from the local tavern have started and there will be more on the beach at 9.30pm for families and midnight for the young of body and those young at heart.  Many regional areas in proximity to fires have cancelled fire-works for safety and in a show of respect for those impacted by our bushfires.

Soon, we shall join our neighbors to ‘ring’ in the New Year.  It is a balmy night here on the Sunshine Coast.  The cricket (Big Bash) is being broadcast live. We hope for good health and well being for all those whom we cherish.  We are thankful for another year to share with family and friends.

coys at table

fireworks display during nighttime
Photo by Peter Unden on

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