Look Who The Kids Brought Home

As we near the close of the year 2020 there is so much to be very thankful for, especially for those of us lucky enough to live in Australia. Being an island, a big brute of an island with a small population, we are further blessed to be doing a pretty good job of managing the COVID pandemic with some lumps and bumps along the way. Which ever side of politics you find your fit – overall we’ve certainly faired better than most other countries.

Aussies for the most part have sucked up the inconveniences and got on with what needed to be done. Most of us have made good choices and all of us are benefitting from the Australian focus which leans more towards for the good of all, rather than the burning up and down over one’s individual rights.

Whilst I am very thankful for all of this, without a blink of hesitation I am most grateful for my family. Today in particular, I am thinking of the three wonderful young people that my own children have brought into our family.

Greg, Heidi and Jake are spectacular. Kind, calm, loving, funny, talented and hard working – they are accomplished ‘catches‘ all three and thankfully they each chose one of our kids to love and make a life with. They all come from beautiful families. Ours is the richer for the connection and inclusion which we are so deeply blessed to share with theirs.

We love it when our kids visit. We actually enjoy it all the more when their partners are with them. They are all such good company, useful for sorting IT which falls to Greg who brings the humour and all things sports. Jake, who can fix and sort just about everything and Heidi who is our games master and kitchen Queen. They are all easy and respectful guests who happily make themselves at home. We are looking forward to spending time with them after lock downs, delayed wedding plans for Harry and Heidi, cancelled holidays and uncertain bookings.

There is no present I ever need or want other than their sweet presence. We have three good kids. With their loving partners we have three great blossoming families branching out with solid roots under well tended family canopies from Donnybrook to Bomaderry and across to Wisconsin. Shane and I do feel, beyond blessed.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

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