And Now I Know How The Three Bears Felt

We headed off to spend two days in the gorgeous hinterlands which rise in the mountains behind our beloved coastline. We did not make it to the first exit off the highway before the phone indicated that Goldilocks disguised as our youngest daughter was in our driveway and wanted in – to work from home, our home!

Papa Bear was delighted! It gave him the chance to justify the extra dollars spent to have a wifi remote garage door. Likewise, the alarm was disabled via remote and the fancy new garage door slid open as smooth as a hand over satin.

So now Mama bear, who had gone to great lengths leaving all things clean, tidy and locked was already visualizing Goldilock’s dog, a husky of course – and one that sheds great masses of golden fur just passing by furniture, oh yes Mama Bear could see her lazing happily on her dark blue Hamptons rug after wet blonde paws had crossed the white tile floor. Oh and Mama bear already knew that many locked and closed windows and doors would be opened and most likely forgotten! Papa Bear still puffed up from his big show – was no comfort at all!

Fortunately this modern day Goldilocks in disguise and Bear family were on good terms and could communicate via texts and messenger. The bears took it in turns to remind the young miss to do this and that and not to forget to do certain things. They thought it would feel like less of a barrage of instructions if they did it this way and that the expected wrath, might be avoided.

Even Papa Bear was tested trying to help Goldilocks in disguise work out the correct silver key on a chunky standard set of house keys and opted for an on camera rummage in the ‘everything goes there’ drawer to extract the spare garage remote. Papa Bear was glum. Papa Bear was not over joyed to share his brand new fancy spare remote garage door opener which also worked on wifi with Goldilocks in disguise – particularly with Goldilocks in disguise. She does not have a good track record with Papa Bears things.

Up in the woods, Mama Bear and Papa Bear decided not to worry and to have a good time. Besides, Mama Bear had a back up plan and let the neighbour know that a collie, a husky, Goldilocks in disguise and a reliable carpenter would be at the house for a day and a night. Now the neighbour was a wise woman and did not need to know any further details to understand that the house on the lake would need a good royal look over once the ‘visitors’ had left.

Mama Bear and Papa Bear had a very nice time up in the woods. By the time they came back from the mountains (just 48 hours later) much of the state had gone into lockdown (Covid) and a big, old, bad bear had caused quite an awful amount of damage in America.

When the Bears came home they noticed that yes indeed someone had been at the house.

Someone’s been watching Netflix on my side of the bed – said Papa bear, as his perfect half was now disheveled but Mama’s side was still neat and tidy.

Someone’s been wearing my fleece – said Mama Bear as she picked it up, discarded on the blue hamptons style rug, sniffing it for evidence of a husky.

And someone’s been using my shower – called the Papa Bear and they’ve left their clothes all over the floor.

By then Mama Bear felt like a snack and said – Someone’s been eating my ice cream and they’ve eaten in all up!

The collie looked wet and messy but happy that the husky was gone. She tends to eat his food.

Mama Bear and Papa Bear made sure that Goldilocks in disguise had got home safely so they could all live happily ever after, separately.

Papa Bear still has the sooks because Goldilocks in disguise has not yet returned his fancy new garage door remote with wifi!

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