Jab Time

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It could not be a more beautiful early winters day here in Australia. In our northern state it’s hardly winter, the sky is clear and blue and one can happily garden in a tee shirt. It will be cool tonight though! Last night by the fire-pit we had our uggs on (sheep skin lined boots) and a soft fleece. With a little shared cooking with neighbors and a few wines we made the most of the night before the jab.

As more friends, family and acquaintances experience the vaccine for COVID19 the reactions are relatively similar. Some lucky ones have had no reaction at all or at most, a tender arm. Feeling generally unwell, tired and a little ‘under the weather’ seems to be common. Experiencing a headache, one that does not particularly respond to medication is an other response one family member reported. I did hear a fellow claim that he had a nap not long after his jab, another one in the afternoon and the first full nights sleep he had experienced in some time – not even having to get up for a pee! One friend had a day three reaction similar to a bout of the actual flu – that flu one gets and they realize for the first time that up until now, they have actually not had the real flu.

We feel privileged to live in a country where the provision of a vaccine is free and available. Today we will both attend the medical centre and receive our first dose of the AstraZeneca jab. I am going to blog on our experience for the next few days – for legacy. My mother had polio and when I hear all the hype, conspiracy theories and uniformed opinions about the vaccines for this pandemic – I am simply reminded that we would not have made such outstanding progress with polio had there not been a take up of the vaccine regime.

We’ve had a few tips and the only preparation we have done is to ensure the food shop is up to date and I’ve made a grande size pot of a favorite and healthy soup. The second season of our current Netflix series had cooperated by just landing! A sweet lady, a nurse of forty years encourages me to take Panadol on the way and every four hours for a full day after. Quote – “It won’t harm you and it will take the edge off it.”

Here we go…

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