You Know What, I Will.

Some days the evening can start at four in the afternoon. I did just that yesterday. It’s a little treat that happens, let’s say a few times a year. I like to keep it as a rare indulgence as that’s the whole point, not to allow it to become usual or routine and it absolutely must be spontaneous!

Like so many great ideas, I discovered this by accident and from someone fabulous. My dear friend had brought sushi home after a busy day and was feet up, parked in front of the golf by late afternoon. After decades of beautiful busy lives which at times could feel like being strapped to an out of control elliptical machine in heels, baby sling and grocery bags thumping whilst an invisible force kept turning the incline up – when that amazing phase of life ebbs into the era of self permission – it’s really, REALLY good!

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After a few days of just the dog and I at home – the place resembled a share house. That’s another one of those “I give myself permission things” when it’s just me and the woofer, it’s either magazine fabulous or the lived, lived in look!

So, yesterday became a day of domestic catch up with loads of washing, a good go through of the house and a beef korma simmering away by late morning. It was a humid day so the ducted cooling and loud music on Spotify brought a touch more zest to the loving of the house. By the afternoon it looked and smelled beautiful again.

Feeling pleased with myself I entered into that head space conversation that goes something like, “You know what I will just do that” in response to the idea of flopping back in my own home. Besides, the sullen skies put the usual afternoon passage walk on hold. Guilt free veg out! Searching Netflix for a movie I had heard about I was able to enjoy full control of the remote. Not having to scroll endlessly trying to keep everyone happy in search for viewing pleasure is great! Woofer was at my feet enjoying some relief from the heat and he will happily sleep watch anything. Pouring a chilled glass of wine and getting cozy on my couch felt so relaxing and indulgent – especially as it was not even night time.

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Diane Lane is fabulous in any role and with Richard Gere this two hour film had my full attention – not even peeking at my phone once. I hit pause to grab myself a serve of korma and naan bread and ok, one more vino! By the end of the film the early eve was falling with spectacular bruised blue skies giving off the last light of the day. It was such a treat and it felt great that Friday night was just beginning.

My childhood started with black and white television but very soon evolved to colour. There were three stations and viewing ended around eleven at night with a rousing rendition of God Save The Queen. When Saturday morning cartoons were introduced life could not be any better except for the anticipation of Disneyland on Sunday evenings. Very quickly media evolved although for most of my life the joy of a movie was something generally experienced at night and most often on a weekend when there was no school or work the following day.

I’m guessing that’s why I view an early tools down to slouch in front of the telly as a bit of an indulgence. Another memory of starting the evening much earlier in the afternoon involved the end of a busy assessment and reporting week at school. I knew I would be working on reports all weekend and had stopped to buy some ingredients to cook dinner that night. Whilst in the check out queue (product placement is a fine honed strategy for retailers) I added a bag of potato crisps/chips and for me the ‘maddest’ thing ever – a single serve glass bottle of coke cola. A near freezing coke – is really a once in a blue moon for me. When I arrived home I put the laptop and assessments out of sight. Any cold items got put in the refrigerator and before five I was plonked to watch a good few episodes of Newsroom before the rest of the crew arrived home on that particular Friday night.

I believe it is vital to have special alone time. For me it is usually in the form of planned walks, reading, writing and lately pottering in the garden. Every once in a while it’s wonderful and perfectly ok to start the evening at four in the afternoon!

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