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When it has been weeks, then months and luckily you can still recall the login…

The list of reasons for not writing is long and classically – good, bad and ugly.

The visual is not my Macbook Pro although the symbolism caught my blogging eye as my apple laptop has retired during my writing hiatus.

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Rather than dwell on the excuses for not writing – the writing challenge I have set myself is the daily blogging of the absolute every day for at least a week. One week, surely that can’t be too difficult to prioritize?

Right now, it is a stunning afternoon. All I had to do was say, “Hey google, play Tracey Chapman on Spotify” and in seconds the rich, deep tones of her beautiful voice soothe the house into that end of day mood.

Husband and dog have headed out to the local beach where our border collie can run and paddle off lead. They swim together in simply beautiful companionship.

A cool breeze today signals the start of seasonal changes. I can tell it won’t be long before the pool is swapped for the fire pit.

Tonight, dinner will be steak, blackened corn and American style potato salad.

Footy season has started, Aussie Rules and this is a Collingwood house, so a loud house. In the NFL it’s Green Bay Packers so ditto, a loud house. We are happy for a Dragon’s win in the NRL for our son-in-law. It all makes for some excess viewing and reviewing.

Photo by James Bernstein on Pexels.com

Father and son spent a long Saturday prepping for topsoil and turf laying. It was easy for them to paint the downstairs family room with the game on and the fortunate situation of a lead so consistent that there was none of the usual pent-up stress watching Collingwood play.

Here on the coast, it was a busy day of the Whitehaven splash park, airconditioned shops, a long walk to Scribbly Gum, the pool and a fair bit of cooking and baking.

To focus on the collection of beautiful moments it was joyful to send young parents off to the beach for an indulgent swim followed by breakfast – just the two of them.

We’ve had the delightful double joy of watching both toddlers starting on their early walking – the beautiful staggering and bottom dropping that chases the rest of the world away in that moment.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Roll on gifted new week with family and friends. Let’s see what mischief we can get up to!

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