Saturday Slow Walks

Saturday is for the boys!

It was a good morning for a slower start after a win in the football which always makes for an elevated mood in this house. Nothing beats waking to the sound of baby babble. It has been a toddler type of week with Juliette earlier in the week and the bonus of Joey to round off a lovely family week.

Breakfast was a boy affair, and it seems that weet-bix is much tastier when served by Grandad.

His Mom and I were happy to enjoy a quiet coffee (sigh…the barista is home) watching the little man rest his feet on his Grandad’s knees as he munched his way through toast, cheese and cereal.

We cooked some breakfast, had tea and one egg muffins on the patio and sort of lazed around for the morning until Heidi and Joey headed home.

The afternoon was a quick drop off, a couple of shopping jobs, food organising then home to let the afternoon drift off into the early evening.

Mowing is almost weekly at this time of the year, and I know the barista is looking forward to a little less time dealing with grass.

It will be burgers and beer a bit later. No doubt there will be an eye on the telly to check in on the competition with the footy. Nothing wrong with the reward after hard work, to have the blessing of a quiet night in.

There will be no baby babble tomorrow morning which is the bonus of grand parenting – the days of 24/7 are a sweet but distant memory.

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