It’s Been a Talking Week

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It looks like the photographer caught the attention of at least two of the subjects in this image, but I still enjoy the way it portrays the essential human element of communication. What draws me even more is wondering why the conversation at each of those tables was not enough in that moment to allow the click to happen without notice.

This week I have witnessed and been directly involved in many conversations, stories of life, love and death, wisdom sharing and soul bearing.

It was an end of journey for a remarkable man – flawed like all of us who have truly lived life but in the absence of history it was words and stories that illuminated his beautiful life. One of love, family, dedication, commitment, achievement, gentleness, grace and enduring friendship.

In the honoring, for those of us who did not witness the fullness of his life – we were certainly enveloped post passing in the richness of a life, lived to the hilt, warts and all.

His wife and family beautifully shepherded his final journey in such a dignified and loving manner that all those blessed to bear witness would quietly wish for such care and dedication that he had in those final months, weeks, days and hours. A feeling of peace settles within me when I reflect on the moments for which I was present, the words and reflections which were shared fell on my ears in sweet and hopeful sadness.

This week I talked with Kate. We do not have set and prearranged calls. My dear friend Kate and I tend to reach out very often over the pleather of technological options, but we also seem to know when it’s time for a real call. A ‘chin wag’ Kate calls it – which makes me smile as my Mum used the same term – a good ole chin wag!

Kate is deeply spiritual and is generous in her sharing of wisdom. We are both mothers of adult children although being older, mine are a little further from high school! I love talking with and listening to Kate – a strong woman, one who knows triumph and tragedy, deep loss beyond which you could imagine surviving and yet she has, she did, and she is – walking the planet touching and leaving those in her path, all the better for the knowing of my friend, Kate.

Quote – not my words, but I do wish they were! Extract from Romans 14:5 NKJV and what Kate shared with me.

“Think how much happier and more energized you would be if you weren’t trying to control people and straighten them out. Allow your loved ones the dignity of making their own mistakes and learning from them. If you’re always getting into someone else’s business, you’re not only going to burn out; you’re hindering God from working in their lives. They belong to Him, not you!”

I need this tattooed down both arms! My contribution and again they are not my words and I have forgotten the source but as parents of adult children we NO longer get to be coach – we had that time, we are now cheerleaders, that’s it we had our head coach gig and that time is over. Words can be easier to quote than demonstrate – we all have unique journeys.

Earlier in the week I slipped down to the big smoke. Busy, busy traffic but also a way too long catch up with Mel. There is never any BS with Mel, never has been, never will be. We’ve laughed and champagned our ways through Army Balls before kids, survived DHA (just) and moved and moved and moved! You never come away second guessing your conversations with Mel and that’s when you know you are walking with your crew.

Judy and I catch up every few weeks. We like to walk, talk and find a coffee along the way. Often, we have lunch, it is always about the conversation which can accelerate from A to Z before salads are settled upon! We pondered Kate’s words and swapped progress – given that I need the tattoo, I am definitely behind in the quest for “getting out the frigging way!”

A to Z doesn’t even go close today – and you know what I mean!

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I had a great conversation with my art teacher/mentor this week. He had just returned from a few weeks in New Zealand reconnecting with family and filling in those missing branches. Jude spoke to me of generational connections despite time and distance. His enthusiasm was contagious, and it felt wonderful to share in the positivity of renewal.

Perhaps old souls live in the hearts of young people who are genuinely interested in and feel connection to their elders.

There is a sleepy quietness in the house tonight, quite welcome after the week of words.

The wonderful collie obediently sleeps in his space, on his bed and exudes calm and reassurance.

Unlike the visiting chihuahua who has the social skills of – well none really! He is finally asleep in his bed, under the bed after sooky whimpering and attempting to wear me down and let him on my own bed. I pulled out the coach hat on the poor little soul tonight!

Don’t feel too bad for him – it’s under the bed or in the laundry!

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