Puppy Tales


!Es otro cuento largo!  It’s a long story! His name is Pendles – not the easiest name on the tongue, though I can see he should grow into it.  I am well-informed by our resident expert on all things Collingwood that the name, inspired by Captain Scott Pendlebury is given not just for the footballer’s immense sporting prowess but most importantly for the respectful, fair, gracious and well liked man who the ‘real’ Pendles is!  There’s also an incident about bouncing a ball on a pigeon and still coming up with perfection that apparently added to the weight of naming this baby border collie – Pendles.

He is a coast boy like our dear Jack and though it is ridiculous, there is a smidge part of me that likes to dream that they have a related thread.  Though we are definite about not comparing, as Jack was our dog of 15 years – a kelpie collie cross with the look of a handsome black and white wonder but the slightly smaller frame and increased agility of the kelpie.  We all swore that boy knew every word we said – he was certainly smart and never failed to be excited and waiting for his run with the all things Collingwood tragic.

Our Noosa boy Jack supposedly fell from a ute – he was such a delightful dog when he came to us at around six months via the Noosa RSPCA (we’ll just look they told me…tell Mum you’ll call him Jack, then she’ll say yes he told the three kids who would happily have stayed behind in the cage with him – had I not relented).  Jack came to us with complete manners, a delight of an animal so perhaps someone really had lost their magnificent pup.  Well, we loved him for the next decade and a half and all in all he had a good life – not rounding up sheep which this clever boy would have easily excelled at but rounding us up and seeing three youngsters into their teens and independent adulthood.

Now Pendles – my name choice was Chewy and at present he is well fulfilling that would be name! Pendles is likewise a coast boy, not Noosa but Rosemount.  (We’ll just look I told him!) From a litter of twelve, five boys and seven girls he was the last boy to be selected.  (Waiting for us, I say!)  I have no idea how good those other little boys are being but our fella howled pretty much non stop on the first two nights!  It would be dishonest to say that the thought that we might have made a grand mistake did not enter my fogged out brain during those wee hours.  On day two we abandoned the expensive doggy pen (which he hated) and introduced him to the side yard (enormous and safe) and family peace has ensued since!

He is a delight.  He is exhausting.  He is adorable and regularly frustrating.  I believe he could be far naughtier and for us, number 5 is a very lucky number.  The sweet pup can play on his own, prefers to be where ever we are – especially where ever Mr ‘Go The Pies’ is situated.  Pendles is joy, fun and light, providing endless pleasure.  Walking him daily is a feat as his attention span is well, comparable to frozen peas just at the moment.  It is delightful to see his interest sparked by a passing leaf, a feeding wallaby on the golf course and then the fascinating lady on her patio who adored his little sit down and refusal to walk until he had one jolly long look at her!

He pops his lead in his mouth to go for a walk and I silently hope that he never gives up that puppy habit – it is so darned cute.  Although supposedly confined to the garden until the full round of vaccinations have been administered in a month – the carefully planned walk takes us down the middle of our neighborhood street where no doggie friends have peed or pooed! On Thursday we start a round of puppy training with no doubt an emphasis on training the pet owners rather than the puppies.  Presently he is a little wary of other dogs and should one pass, even at distance, he sits on his furry bottom and refuses to move.  He is not timid but incredibly curious and watchful.  Roll on Thursday and we shall see if that remains so!




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