Where Is Your Happy Place?


When I consider this beautiful beach location which overlooks an island of which a large portion is uninhabited national park and forestry plantations, I define ‘happy’ as the contentment I feel along this stretch, how fortunate I am to live here and the sheer pleasure a simple walk beside this beach brings.  The stunning passage between the island and the mainland is a protected marine park.  It is possible on the stand up paddle to see an amazing array of fish but this water corridor is also home to dugongs, turtles and dolphins.

I believe that connectedness seeps into our soul allowing us to feel whether a situation is right for us or not.  We must however, be open to the message our souls may be sending.  How often have we heard a friend, relative or indeed ourselves declare how a certain house had a feeling about it the moment we walked through the door.  Real estate agents can never explain the phenomenon to potential buyers but they silently wish for it!

Some places just feel right and though I have not lived here for even a year, this little quiet patch is very much my match!  Though it’s not just my happy place because it is beautiful, or I have shared walks, kayaking, paddling and fish and chip suppers here with my family.  It has also been a place I have been pulled to in times of deep sadness, family loss and a cooling off spot when domestic bliss needs a breather.

There is a new pup in the family, still weeks from final vaccinations and clearance to romp out into the big wide world.  I have a child like impatience waiting to introduce him to this place in particular.

I have already informed ‘His Majesty’ (a family term of endearment for Mr Husband and Father) that they are to take my ashes out on to the passage at sunset, scatter when ready and toast with champagne – and make sure it’s the real stuff and out of glasses not plastic!

Where is your special place?  Perhaps it is yet to be found and felt?



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