The Good, The Bad and The Acknowledged

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I have just finished writing a brief letter to the manager of my local supermarket. Interestingly we have two of the major players in our small shopping centre.  When we first arrived earlier this year we tended to divide our dollars between the two in order to support the employment of staff at both stores.

Over time though we have found ourselves more drawn to one of the stores because the customer service is more attentive, cheery and competent.  Family members have verified independently that there is a distinct difference between the customer service at the stores.

Like many of us, I can be quick to complain when things are not right, lacking or mistakes are made.  Over the years I have tried to make time to give positive feedback when it is warranted.  Admittedly, not often enough.

My letter to the manager has taken just mere minutes and I have pointed out that the customer service is friendly and seamless.  It strikes me that the training of staff must be exceedingly competent and customer focussed – a person or several people are doing a really good job of developing an effective service culture and I want to acknowledge their efforts.

I will provide a copy of my letter to the manager of the other store.  Whilst yesterday I huffed out of there after some snippy service thinking – that’s it, I’m not coming back here anymore.  Today I have decided that perhaps reading my thoughts on the shopping experience with great service just 20 steps down the mall may provide the constructive feedback I feel this team needs without taking aim at individuals.

It’s a small thing to do – acknowledge the good but do not accept the substandard in silence.  Do both!

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