Hello Wonderful New Year


photo of multicolored fireworks
Photo by ViTalko on Pexels.com

Sun shinning, dogs sleeping and the promising new year all the way ahead.  One year ends and another begins.  It has been a big year full of joy, love and deep loss.  Today, the first day of the year started with extended couch talk as our eldest wonder and her Dad and I swapped stories and double coffees.  Not a bad start!

No resolutions as the goal list is ongoing – more writing, keep up with Spanish, well-being and fitness, as much time as possible on the water whether on the boat, in the kayak or standing on the paddle boards and being ‘present’.  I am chronically guilty of looking back and planning forward and forgetting to be in the moment.  Perhaps I have a resolution after all.

I do plan to take a contentment photo each day this year to compile into a visual journal of 2019.  The word ‘joy’ is one of my favorites although I decided that the feeling I want to record are those diverse moments in time where mind, body and soul are connected in contentment.

Today, I begin.



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