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My mind keeps slipping to dark places.  Why?  It has been globally reported and each time I search for an update – to seek out the why, I see the images, replay the memories – the time of knowing the living life, an enormous life of wife, family and parents – dear sweet elderly parents, still living.  A life of substantial achievement, opportunity, adventure and purpose beyond the comprehension of those of us more ordinary.  So, why?

My closed eyes see her bouncy beauty, enduring elegance – mother, wife, friend and a woman of faith.  Where is she tonight and how can she possibly be able to draw breath with a heart that has been pulverized.  Her story of dedication, care and support altered into an existence severed into a time of before and after, where never again there may exist a conception of what was real and true.                                                                         Suicide, it robs the innocent.

Spectacular young adults.  Unbearable loss to be weathered.  Pain, incomprehensible to contemplate will refuse to give up possession.

Suicide can never be a solution.

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