How To Win, Lose and Regain a Contract in less than 48 hours

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After nearly five years out of paid employment and naively believing I am up to speed with technology – well, let’s just say it’s a whole new world out there!

It was surprisingly easy to achieve the above.

Go camping on the very day the contract link is sent via email.

Camp freestyle with no power and intermediate phone coverage.

Open contract via email in transit and assume that technology such as print, sign, scan, download, attach and send is required and that one and half days is not too long to wait to do so.

Have no clue about docusign!

Check phone in tent at 9pm and finally get coverage to dash off reply to urgent text reminder to sign contract – reply, however it is never to be seen (but showing at my end) Even I know DO NOT REPLY usually means auto – but none on this one so it remains a telco mystery.

Arrive home to the sane world of an actual computer and deal with the volley of events.

Emails and actual telephone conversations.

‘Little’ lesson on docusign from one I birthed – ‘they’ become very useful! (You can actually hear ‘eye rolling’ over a messenger call with no video).

Sorted!  I try not to long for the days when a turnaround was not required within hours, minutes even!

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