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To get to the point – if the kids are married, have their own family and own a house then I’ll be sad to go but I won’t be worried about the kids which must make the going a bit less bloody awful!

I have a list of the things to be done before kicking the bucket – a previous list of desires written on a piece of paper and slipped between the pages of a lifetime event diary which records – just moments.  It is not particularly detailed.  In fact, it is no longer a valid list as I’ve come to the realization that I only want to see my children happy, secure and loved.

A few days ago I watched – via some social media platform (so many of them now) a short clip of a young American nurse singing a much loved song to a patient who was in the very end stage of life.  Indeed, the beautiful elderly woman passed in the following week.  Clearly with the permission of her family, that sweet moment was captured and I was deeply touched by the compassion of the young nurse who sung so lovingly with her patient who appeared calm, smiling and peaceful.  What a blessing to be cared for so gently in those final days.  My heart told me that the woman was ready – to be ready.

My hope, my wish, my dream is to see all three of my children settled with their own families.  Married, well – yes, I would feel contentment if marriage is the wish of all my children.  A declaration of love and commitment with family and true friends is a desire I have for each of my kids – whatever form that may take.  I adore that young people no longer follow a set of rules set by an invisible force of society.  They say you have to have…they say you must…they expect you to…who the heck are they?

We have the beautiful, fairy princess wedding of our eldest daughter as a happy and gorgeous memory.  Alex and Greg shared their commitment with loved ones and close friends in a beautiful ceremony which emphasized the beginning of their marriage in an elegant and personal ceremony.  They had a sparkling party in a pretty ballroom with dancing and happiness.  Fairy lights, white linens, candles and deep red roses and loved ones – some who are now passed, making the memory all the more special.

Harry and Heidi are planning their wedding which will be held in America in 2021. They are faced with the challenge of uncertainty at each turn as the global pandemic COVID19 continues to spread death and discord.  It will be extraordinarily special when we combine with Cathy, Heidi’s Mom and our families to witness and celebrate the marriage of these two spectacular young people.  I know they want a family and my biggest hope is to know and love their stunning children – and I can guarantee they will be tall!

Annie wants to have children.  Lucky babies who have this amazing woman as their mother.

I pray that all of my kids are blessed with a family should they want to nourish children with love, care and time.  I would feel content to know them in their own homes, with their dedicated and sturdy partners and their children, should a family be on their own little bucket lists.

I know for Shane and I, our own parents were content and proud of their children knowing they had jobs which would sustain them, had chosen worthy partners and made sensible decisions to ensure their own families – all of us blessed, had comfortable and loving homes.

So the bucket list does not contain trips to Paris although I would like to walk on the soil of Scotland one last time.  It has nothing to do with dollars, cars or villas in exotic locations.  I have no desire to be strapped to some rookie jumper out of a tourist aircraft unless perhaps it is Shane whom I would actually trust to check the gear!

My three loves and their own loves can and will fill my bucket should I be so blessed.

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