Pendles Loves Rosie


Rosie is just a little bit too good looking.  She actually can’t help walking with an air of nobility.  Rosie is regal – an absolute beauty.  Her expression is one of confusion should anyone not immediately pay close attention to her – she likes to be seen.  Rosie will simply not tolerate attention being given to others.

She pretends to kiss Pendles then will bite his lip.  I have seen Rosie push him back into the water when he tries to get out of the lake.  She dips her long blonde legs at the water’s edge while he swims far and deep trying to catch her eye.  He splashes about but most often Rosie has already moved on to another for her amusement.

Pendles adores Rosie.  He is never happier than when she visits.  His excitement ripples through his body as he tries to get close, hoping for her attention.  Rosie teases him with a little play, some flirting until someone more interesting comes along.

He will watch and wait with his caramel eyes – ready to respond should she signal the faintest interest in his presence.  If some other eyes stray over to this fine, young handsome fellow – well Rosie is there in a pounce, claiming her territory.

Pendles only loves Rosie.  No other will do for him.  She was his first love and will be his last.  His loyal qualities may be lost on Queen Rosie but for now he is content to wait for her.


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