Twistie and a VB

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You must be Australian or have visited this stunning country or have loved an Aussie to have a comprehension of a twistie and a VB.  I have a new and deeply bittersweet connection to this combination of the uniquely yellow, salty, cheesy, twirly and crispy baked stubby chippy thing.  VB, well that is a little easier – it is a brand of beer.

Yesterday, my friend Kate responded to my message on the anniversary of William, their dear boy whom they were able to hold for less than a year.  William is brother to Jack who passed to heaven at just five days old.  It was the 20 year anniversary of William’s passing, sweet smiling William who is also brother to his beautiful sisters Emily and Jessica who are fine young woman stepping out into the world to discover their journeys.  I have deep faith that Jack and William also watch over their brother Paddy who personifies fun, happiness and goodness.

It is a love story.

Anything to do with Dave and Kate – is always a love story.  Love of family, each other, their children, their friends – life.  Deeply faithful, positive and with full hearts I have witnessed this resilient couple face the storms of life.  Their story is not mine to tell.

The lessons that their actions teach me are – love mightily, live compassion, model justice and family, those whom we cherish – well THIS is everything.

For me, the sharing of a story is a gift.  Given in the trust that it will be received in gratitude, cherished and respected.  The story of William, the twistie and VB tugs my emotions in two ways – sadness always for the loss but joy also that in the darkest time, love finds a way to enter with a moment to be cherished, remembered fondly – replayed in legacy, belief and love – always love.

I am adding an edit here and wanted it to stand out in bold and italics as it is a message from Kate.  After reading my words, Kate wanted to share their precious family memory and only Kate’s words are fitting.

“William got to try VB and twisties before he passed.  We gave them to him so he could experience two quintessential Aussie tastes.” (From William’s Mum, Kate).

The family continue this deeply personal tribute to William.  From frothy fills and squeaking packages comes a bond of love, grief and endless connection much stronger than any storm that dare try to show its dam self this way again.

It is a privilege to bear witness to great strength and resilience in this grounded family. Hanging out with them always means a roaring good time.  Pranks and fun!  Hosting is their brand – few could match it.  Dave and Kate are so consciously present in the epic which is life.

Lucky us, who get to share a little of it with them.

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