Motherhood and Bug Spray



Some days I think being a Mum and being a can of insect spray have a lot in common. What an ugly thing to compare the most precious and beautiful state of the human condition to!  Hold on though – my mind is running with the theme of protection.

From the moment we conceive or know that we have conceived most Mothers take every reasonable precaution to protect their growing baby.  At birth we are making decisions to best consider our soon to be newborns.  NO pain relief if it might cross the placenta! Nearly all parents and caregivers are in a constant state of doing everything they can to shield their children from all the physical and emotional harms which might come their way.

So if we are proactively trying to counter every possible situation before it happens then we might be a bit like the top shelf brand of surface spray getting into all the nooks and crannies before anything awful turns up.  Good old solid protection!

If we are skittering around fixing things for our kids (of course we are) delivering forgotten hats and homework books – kind of reminds me of chasing the flies out with the spray can.  Reactive protection – shield them from trouble and get rid of the baddies!

What if we can be the big gun Mums?  Those who have protection sorted, planned and never left to chance.  There are those Mums who just seem to get everything right and achieve very pleasing results.  Well, that has to be the precisely on date, full service pest protection which comes with guarantees and refunds for any slip ups.  Not that they happen.  Wouldn’t that be nice in the pesky, incredible and privileged business of parenting?

Insect spray and having kids – the comparison was a touch of whimsy as the notion scrambled in all sorts of directions in my mind as I caught a glimpse of the idea just barely out of the corner of my eye.

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