Oh That’s Great News

beach daylight motion ocean
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is little to compare to the wonderful feeling that comes with good news.  Even more so if the great tidings come from a cherished child, a worthy family member or a terrific mate.

A few days ago I poured myself a cup of tea and got comfy to return a call that I had missed.  I was expecting a little catch up chat so when the news was shared it was all the more special.  It’s such a gift to be included in the personal joy of others.  That warm feeling in the belly that comes with genuine happiness for another is a welcome testament to honorable connections.

I thought to say, well deserved but in this case the opportunities were earned with hard work and fierce decisions.  We are team players in this game of life, this heady, full contact, blazing mass of love, aches, loss, hopes and dreams.  Enjoy the precious moments cheering on others from the sidelines – it’s simply beautiful.  I’m clapping like a big kid for my mates!

smiley drawing on sand
Photo by Melissa on Pexels.com



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