PVA Patron – A Legacy Piece

Late last year I was approached by the President of the Partners of Veterans Association Qld (PVA) to consider the role of Patron. During the early and less formal conversations I gave deep thought to this role and careful consideration of my involvement. After meeting with the board I felt strongly motivated and honoured to move forward with the role of Patron for PVA Queensland.

It is almost impossible to reflect back on a time when COVID19 was not a focus of our daily lives. In March 2020, PVA had to reluctantly move away from the face to face support work of the partners of veterans and exist in the new physically contactless world which was and in many ways remains our normal.

That is not to say that the President and board were not active and busy working with and through this new normal until conditions were such that the scheduled AGM at Hervey Bay in Queensland could proceed taking care and precautions with COVID19.

It was here in July 2020 that I was formally introduced and appointed as the first Patron of PVA Qld. I spoke of the honour, I talked a little of what I expected to achieve in the role but most importantly I expressed my deep hope that the partners of veterans would share their stories with me. It was a wonderful few days and I met many resilient, caring partners who generously gifted their memories, their challenges and achievements. It is my greatest goal to continue to foster these important bonds.

Welcome and Appointment of Patron with President of PVA Qld

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