Next Day

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So, the covid vaccine is not a miracle cure for snoring. I know this because minutes after falling asleep, his majesty beside me was expelling air with sound effects. Given that we could be in for a rough night he was left nudge free of my hands and feet. Well, I say nudge, he’ll say smash – but he is absolutely being over dramatic!

We did not experience any extra or unusual tiredness last night. As planned we watched a movie, took a second round of panadol and kept up the hydration. We both felt a slight heaviness at the injection sight but no pain. For a while my ‘heaviness’ extended to my arm pit but that passed after a few hours. I built a pillow wall between us last night as I was a leftie for the jab and claim the right side of our bed!

Shane has woken with what he describes as a very slight headache and sore throat. He feels a little unwell. I am still on the proactive panadol regime (two every four hours for 24 hours – although I did not wake to do so through the night). Perhaps I am feeling a teeny bit seedy – it’s really hard to know as being so hypersensitive to possible reactions, I also wonder if I am ‘finding’ reactions.

For now we are both completely fine. There are no work or other obligations today. We always aim for a beach or passage walk so plan to do so later. Our kids thanked us – bit of a life flip flop, when our adult kids are grateful that we are taking care of our health. Mind you they were quick to add that we were not to go dropping off the perch with removals that we need to turn up for, future and free babysitting at some point down the track and for sure help with home renovations, oh and boat stuff!

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