Later That Day

As we are feeling ok, for some silly reason it seems a good time to wash a few of the windows! May as well keep our thoughts off thinking about whether or not we are going to get crook (unwell). As the day progresses Shane still has a mild headache and we both describe the way we feel as a touch seedy – like the next day after one glass of wine too many. Gets a job done though!

We decide that a little fresh air and exercise will do us both good and with our young border collie needing at least his daily outing – a beach walk fits in nicely with the end of the window washing. To be clear, we did not do the whole house but made a fair start! It is a perfect winter beach day in Queensland – if one could call it winter.

Strolling at low tide is wonderful and we are lucky to see schools of tiny fish close to shore. The fresh air and warmth of the sun is soothing. I am feeling a hint of numbness around my left eye and a few tingles on the left side – very light and fleeting. We are heading home and do plan to give over the afternoon to resting with a book for me and perhaps some football viewing for Shane.

Lunch is surprising. We have a collection of delicious and healthy food yet our appetite is down and none of it appeals. Shane decides on a pie – yes a pie, an Australian go to for next day recovery after a big night out. I decide it’s not such a bad idea. It feels like a hangover without the party!

With tomato sauce of course!

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