Forty-Eight Hours On

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We are two days on from the first does of the vaccine. Shane is at work and feeling better although he still has a smidge of a headache. I went to an early light PT session and then took our delightful collie to the dog park. Afterwards, Pendles and I strolled on the passage with my sister and her dog Poppy to our favorite beachside cafe. My Sis is a day behind us in vaccination land and experiencing a slight headache also. Today all of my previous symptoms have passed except for a slight heaviness to the eyes and a very faint sensitivity to light.

Our appetite was down last night but we had a good serve of vegetables (to counter the meat pie indulgence) and in the afternoon we both ending up napping. I could not even make it through a paragraph of the philosophy book I am attempting to read. There is nothing unusual about me dropping off to sleep when I am trying to read, especially late in the afternoon but I did sleep deeply for two hours – now that is not the norm.

Despite napping like kittens, we both slept soundly last night.

So here we are still tracking well and lucky enough to have very little exciting news to report on our second full day after having the vaccine.

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