Not So Classy

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My last words on this legacy vaccine blog were ‘only time will tell’ – although I never imagined it would come quite so quickly!

Now there is the announcement that the AstraZeneca vaccine will be ‘phased out’ in this country and will be replaced by another choice from the USA. However, those who came forward as requested and have received dose one are to present for the second dose. This latest announcement will cause further concern and it would not be a stretch to understand why people may feel reluctant and unwilling to go for a second round.

Making people scared to get the jab is the last thing we need!

Everyone has their own experience to draw on and must be guided by their circumstances. Hopefully the vast majority of Australians will choose to be informed by medical and scientific facts and not by the insatiable 24/7 media cycle.

We are probably lucky to be locked into a jab situation where our choices are relatively non-existent. We are half way through a process and in the interests of our own health, our family and for the good of community (we are in a pandemic people – get the bloody jab!) we shall of course get the second dose.

After years of living in the USA and witnessing an avalanche of class actions being advertised on television during the ads – I have to admit it freaked me out a bit! The stream of ads looking for class action ‘clients’ who took this drug or that drug was ever present, annoyingly so constantly interrupting viewing! Law firms advertising daily on cable television for participants to join a class action against major pharmaceuticals was overwhelming in scope and numbers.

I am happily stuck with my choice of a European researched and developed vaccine which is made here in Australia under our incredibly strict protocols. It would be very expensive to do so in this country.

I wonder if the move to buy a product from another country will save dollars?

Only time will tell, again.

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