Move Over Bea and Milk, The New CEO Is On Her Way.

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These were the words I finished with on a message to Greg. He is fifteen weeks into being the father of the unexpected, feisty already – baby girl Hutt. Our daughter Alexandria and her husband Greg are having their first precious baby and to date every little milestone is going well. Mumma Bear is starting to feel human again. They are past the first trimester and are wondering what else they used to do with their time before Dr appointments, scans and pathology appointments filled most weeks.

Bea and Milk know nothing of all this.

Bea and Mild are small, pampered, indoor dogs.

We grew up with big dogs – labradors, shepherds and collies. Visualize proper outside dogs who ate nothing much other than table scraps, were never on medication or received vet treatment unless there was a broken bone to mended. Big dogs who had long and healthy lives.

Certainly if I had to come back as a dog – I would want to be owned by Greg and Alex. They are responsible and commit totally to the best health and well being of their two cute little scoundrels. They have blankets and warm beds. They do not care for the cold and are, let’s say at best ‘so, so’ about a walk especially on a cold southern state day.

They are super sweet dogs. Both are beautifully groomed and always vet attended.

Their perfect little life is about to get up ended because the new boss of the house is on her way!

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No doubt there are endless articles about how to introduce the entrenched pooches to the new baby, which let’s just call it, will very soon be the new CEO of the entire household and extended family, especially the first time grandparents on both sides of the family tree.

She has a bit to do!

The doggies will be fine. They will not be handed off, if anything they will embrace the new freedom of a warmer climate and more rein in the soon to be exciting world of a backyard. A cosy indoor bed might be less inviting with a little Miss wailing at all hours – I can see them both sprawled on the outdoor setting under a balmy sky with cheeky doggie looks that read, ‘pfft not my problem!’

Bea and Milk will love the new addition and learn how to cheerily tag along with the pram walks.

Dave and Julie, Shane and I are beyond thrilled. First timers all of us and Julie’s presence in their precious growing daughter is only the deeper as we approach four years of the passing of Julie. Her gentle nature, beauty and great capacity to love will be evident in every cell of the baby girl which Alex and Greg are blessed to be growing.

Dave and Shane are goners. Whipped already!

There is no point in even pretending that they will not spoil her silly, be wrapped around her little finger from the first sight (well already really)and show their respective great big hearts to her in every way.

Little Miss Hutt is blessed to have chosen a wonderful family.

She will be cherished, loved and given such amazing opportunities. But not a dummy, I have it on good intelligence from Mumma Bear already that she is never getting one of those!

It is such a precious gift to be allowed to love another human being.

It is a time to be so deeply thankful for those who have gone before and raised us in such a manner that we experienced love and care and thus have this grande capacity to love this dear, growing child and feel nothing but joy and excitement as the days tick over and the miracle that is life, flows on.


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