Juliette Ann

An excited phone call, every brand of pregnancy test available at the local chemist that day, medical appointments, joy, fear and hope all in the same breath, belly rising, birth plans, birthing emergency with the most intense feelings one could ever imagine – all became the spectacular Juliette Ann.

So grandparents we are – Grandad and Grammie. Of course, time will tell when it comes to what little missy may call us.

The deepest feelings of love and protection are an instant gift, present in the growing but rooted in the arrival. To hold this precious girl for the very first time brings home the dearest memories of those gone before without whom our dear grand baby could not be. Every curve of perfection, her scent that you wish to capture and hold, and the sound of her newborn snuffles causes the physical warming and tingling of the heart.

It’s a love story. Her parents are equal measures of starry eyed and sleep deprived. There are no books, apps or wise words that can prepare a new Mum and Dad for the early weeks of three hourly feeds followed by the little poos, a restless belly and the most adorable face that lets her get away with all of it.

We are all new to the thrill of our growing circle and mindful of the privilege to be forever bound by these loving family ties.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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