Baby Joey

Once upon a time a cute boy called Harry met a gorgeous girl named Heidi and that’s the only part of this love story that was straight forward.

Following a semester exchange to Sydney, Wisconsin girl Heidi, came out to Melbourne to enjoy a year of teaching in Australia. (Lucky darn you Harry!). I am pretty certain Heidi’s Mom would have warned her not to fall in love with some Aussie boy (Lucky darn you Harry!) but fortunately for Harry – she did just that!

Fast forward to long separations due to visa/residency madness, a pandemic (which meant wedding postponement)these two love birds maneuvered through all of it – to build their first home and welcome their precious son, Joey.

One week into the world and the new mayor of Tarneit (and future boss of LuLu)is settling and snuggling beautifully into his wonderful family. His lovely young Mum Heidi Rose is recovering well and after two covid years apart has her own Mom, who has finally been able to travel from Wisconsin USA supporting them for the first few weeks of this whole new world with sweet, chubby Joesph Shane Caughey.

Joey’s Dad Harry is hands on – and what big safe, loving arms indeed.

This enduring love story and family has only just begun.

Named for his grandfathers and strongly connected to large and loving American and Australian families, Joey will know boundless love, care and football. He is destined to be a Packers man and perhaps tragically, a Collingwood supporter.

How blessed we feel to welcome Joey to our family, sharing the honor and privilege with Cathy and Heidi’s lovely American family. These family roots and ties widen but grow in deep love and unbeatable strength.

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