Row Five

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All the carriers charge extra now for rows closer to the front of the airplane. I wonder who was the suited ‘executive’ in the board room who first floated the concept of charging ‘them’ extra for a more reasonable seat. A place in the plane where your bum fits, a place on the plane where you do not wait another twenty minutes to exit as apart from a few regional airports, the only way out is via a skybridge at the front of the plane.

I have recently travelled with my daughter and a baby. My sage advice to her was to book those very rear and tight seats close to the economy class toilets and to be down the back with the rest of the Mums, bubs, kids and general – not too fussy public. Turns out it does not always work that way as she found out on an other flight where the potty mouthed female passenger in front reclined for a two hour flight and constantly pushed back on the unsettled baby behind.

Back to row five. I highly recommend row five. I have maneuvered my way through more frequent flying on a particular carrier to seats in row five. It works well for entry and exit. After the annoying walk through business class (most of them are not paying for themselves which makes me a bit envious) and even more disappointing, the motely crew do not look anything like sharp, suited entrepreneurs of days past – so called ‘business class’ often resembles little related to occupation, business or trade. More like, points and get stuffed!

Row five though has an excellent track record of clean, competent individuals with refined social filters who understand and adhere to the graces of flying. Window seat, get on! Aisle seat, wait until the end of the line! Domestic, short flight – do not recline! Wear the mask, keep the shoes on, and don’t be up heading for the toilet when the flight crew are trying to do their service when twenty minutes ago you left a terminal with ample bathrooms. Row five people somehow get this!

I’ve had a few adorable seat mates on flights. Twice now, an elderly and elegant couple where the homemade sandwiches and fresh fruit arrive out from the carry on bag under the seat in front, always proper ‘tupperware’ and a sneaky side glance shows me that this fare will rival any of the so called ‘chef’ specials of the carrier. I just loved the way my refined seat mate ordered white tea, with milk – to be certain he actually received the order he wanted. Clearly, he has been here before.

More recently I shared my row with young parents and given my daughter’s experience I was very pleased that they got me to be the random that they had to endure for two hours. Little Miss Alexandra was perfect though, falling asleep on take off and then being happy to be read, played with and entertained to and fro with her competent parents. They also shared a gin and tonic – impressive!

My next flight, coming up in a few days is row six. Let’s hope the skip back works just as well.

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One thought on “Row Five

  1. I haven’t been on a plane since the pandemic. I have no clue how
    Different things are as far as the flight experience or the checking in/out process. Not looking forward to finding out, but will eventually I am sure.


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