Women’s Circle

Photo by Agnese Lunecka on Pexels.com

Four women, two hours, soup (homemade of course), crusty bread, wine – a red and whites.

Nerve pain, back injury, health funds, gaps, fee schedules, doctors, surgical procedures, city traffic, spiders, pest treatments, snakes, real estate, business studies, baby milestones, representative bowls, friend reunions, travel, media misrepresentation, royals, celebrities, pets, husbands, family, renovations, construction, editing, editorial mistakes, flight times, fundraising, tax wastage, welfare, rental crisis, firepits, football finals, house sales, Netflix, mindfulness, gender psychological comparisons, presence or non-presence of aspects of soft porn in reality shows marketed towards females, television to help the brain relax, treats, plans, camping, road trips…

I’m sure at least one of these women will say, “Did we talk about all that?” Soft seats, bare feet and pretty night skies make for easy times. Girl talk – it’s just so good for you.

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

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