Wise Words To My Kids

I recently had a wonderful conversation with a fellow that I have heard of for much of my life – as Malcolm and Lynnie are childhood friends of Judy, whom I have known since we did ‘time’ together as teenagers at Target.

So, I may have crossed paths with Malcolm at a wedding, sadly a funeral and perhaps the odd social gathering.

On this occasion, a happy gathering of close friends and family celebrating the 60th anniversary of Judy’s day of birth, I got chatting with Malcolm and came away with the wisest of words – which I believe came from his grandfather.

They are too wonderful to hold alone – I will share them in a unique way with each of our three kids but today I want to share them on my blog.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Pexels.com

The things I did right,


The things I could have done better,


Malcolm’s Grandfather

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