Tuesday Moments

The pale, creamy orange sky at dawn deserved more than a peek but it was too perfect not to snuggle back to sleep together, dozing off and on for another hour or so.

When I did get my toes on the tiles, this was waiting for me.

Later in the morning my friend and neighbour called to ask me to communicate a message to folk in our quiet little loop pocket which is nestled between a golf course and a lake. Perhaps the exquisite ambience of the area attracts and retains a peaceful, happy and cooperative feeling between the residents.

After almost eight years since the first diagnosis of dementia, a clever, talented, beautiful husband, father, grandfather, family man, world travelling business owner, funny and compassionate man is now in his very final days. His amazing wife wanted to let the hood family know that this season is ending.

If it was hard to hear these words – how can I ever begin to comprehend how utterly excruciating, it must have been to be saying them.

Words don’t come easily today. On this Tuesday, it feels like a day to just lay down the words.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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